Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Wonders of Christmas

Since the snow didn't come forever (and then it DUMPED, we have been stuck 4 times so far & have 5 foot walls of snow down our little country lane) we started out our Christmas season with the boys' 2008 pictures in Tony's sister's backyard...

Next came our ritual visit to BYU-Idaho's Santa (we've been since the boys were 2 & he recognizes them now--he's the best, most authentic Santa I've ever been to AND he tells them every year that they have to 1.) Obey their parents 2.) Be nice to each other & 3.) Eat their veggies & brush their teeth!! Hooray for Santa!!!)

One night in December doing homework--that cat sure loves Jaydon!

Our Christmas Eve night started out with an amazing feast, then nativity, a couple of numbers by family members & family singing. Fantastic!

Singing around the piano (Sister Sarin & fiance, Tony & I & a couple cousins--not pictured singers: a bunch of aunts & uncles, grandpa/grandma & more cousins all wandering around singing along with us :)

Savanah cousin doing her "Silent Night" sign-language actions


Our Nativity Scene at Grandma's House...

Tony-Donkey's entrance--watch out Mary, don't fall off!!

My shining cousin stars!


The full scene in action

Our very cool actors

This year's Christmas was so different & so wonderful. It's the first year we've had Christmas morning in our own little home. The boys didn't wake up until 8:00, then we opened presents, and ate from their annual "Sugar Cereal" choice provided by Santa (cuz of course Mommy would never buy such junk!). Next we headed off to Papa & Nana Cobia's for presents, & then on to Grandma Laretta's for Christmas dinner with cousins. The boys' favorite thing to say was, "We got THREE Christmases!!" Which was, well, true! However, we tried to keep the true meaning of it alive by giving back to Christ through acts of kindness. Every time someone did something nice we wrote it on a yellow piece of 'paper-straw' & put it in Jesus' manger. We were also able to do some other things as well that hopefully helped the boys remember the true reason for the season!

Hope yours was as merry & joyful as ours! We're excited to have another week off school to enjoy each other & do some more fun activities (like sleeping in & putting together bionicles)!


Deryk and Jo said...

Jenna, the Santa in your picture is my Uncle Mike!! Crazy, huh? Cute Pics of the fam! Have a happy New Year!

Melanie said...

I loved all the pictures. What would Christmas be without family? Your happiness just oozes out and is contagious!

Rachel said...

we met a santa like that in cascade... his beard was real and it looked so good... what a difference it makes... the boys are growing up so fast, they look so much older. how are you guys? it has been a while... we should get together for lunch or something again soon... let me know when you would like to.

Bernie, Brittany, and Isaiah said...

Hi! Hope you're having a good school year!

Devin and Megan said...

I found you through Jodi's blog. It's Megan from sister Bergstrom's comm class. How are you?
I talked to you sometimes in the library!
can you email me your email at our blog is private
You look great!
Can't wait to see more

Jodi said...

You have such a cute little family. I love all the pictures. Keep posting!