Thursday, January 31, 2013

Being 'caught up' is so overrated...back to November we go...

 "Look!" says Jyson, "We're twins!"
 Mmmm...flour/bouillon mixture (homemade 'cream of' mix). I love our chest freezer. So do the tots. It's the perrrfect height for their little hands.
The newest Webelos in our ward :)
Announcing our Winter Music Recital...
 Mr. Jaydon
 Mr. Jyson
 Good friend Preston sandwiched in the middle
 The real hit of the show...foosball table! We had the recital in a local church & they gave us the "Beach Room" complete with a stage, waves painted all the way up the vaulted ceilings, stage props everywhere & of course...the entertainment area...AWESOME!
Thanks to our friends, we snapped this quick 'emergency' family photo for the year against one of the walls there...if Tony had his way THIS would have been the one we chose (instead it was the one we mailed out), but I just couldn't do it to Rhett...or to me...

It was either a re-take session, or go with this one:
I know you're wondering, "is she 5 months pregnant?" No. No, I'm not. Not even 1 day pregnant. And that's only the first problem with this lovely photo...hence the 'emergency'

From the ground, to the little chair, to the high chair to the kitchen 'portal' window, to...whatever the heck he can get his hands on before he's caught.
 Climber man, oh-so-proud
 ", bite!" says Ari-Mommy.
Just chillin' with Ari & my nose-picker.

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