Thursday, February 21, 2013

Phase 1: The Devanator

Not all the fam came in on the same day. Dev (youngest bro) was the first since he is in his last semester at BYU-I (accounting major, music minor) he had more time to spend...3 weeks...SCORE for all of us! He flew into the Ft Wayne airport on a Sunday & up to this point, the boys knew absolutely nothing. However, I thought it would be fun for them to surprise Dev at the airport so I told them we needed to go help someone by picking them up at the airport and taking him to his family (100% true!). Sadly--from my end--they are too smart & started speculating once they realized how crazy it was that I wouldn't tell them who it was, they gathered it might be someone related to us....
Still, the reunion was not any less sweet. the littles gravitate toward Uncle magnet.
 Devin thought it was pretty amazing how much more Rhett eats than Ari every morning so I snapped a shot of their oatmeal bowls.
 And, thanks to him being there, I was able to do my students' masterclass sans toddler 1 & 2. Peaceful, is the word that comes to mind.
Due to his impeccable timing, Devin was able to come to Tony's work "Santa/luncheon" shin-diggy-dig. They serve a mean, *free* Christmas meal and let all kids (up to age 10--boys last year, sniff for 'growing up' children') sit on Santa's lap (or scream, as the case may be) & receive a personalized gift! Jaydon/Jyson got legos, Rhett got a book & Ari...I forget already. Awesome.

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Chantal said...

Jenna, I LOVE all the details and pictures! You make me laugh.