Sunday, June 16, 2013

Oh, 'May' goodness...

Spring mantel
Perfect Pinterest chalk art free printable...just what my heart needed to sing!
 The birdie I wanted to paint white, but have since changed my mind. Too cute--especially when paired with our fragrant blooms from...
 The Inspiration.
 Spring has sprung... our neighbor's yard especially
 angels watch over
 with art smatterings
and perfectly timed flowers take turns blooming
No fences, just flowers! is my new mantra :) 
Welcome to our yard, the best part about the house! 
 Where boys take homeless black tubes & a long 'Christmas money rope' & marry the two.
 Rope swings, synonymous with childhood, no?
Paving bricks are the 'perfect' material to build a platform on which to climb upon...
Amish neighbors' horses across the street seen on our 'side yard'
 Spring brings the birthday of the boys' & I. This year it was low-key friend party with the usual...
 Grass-mown Fox & Geese (compliments of Jyson), tramp 'dodge pillow' & water balloon games finished off with year two of Peanut Butter Fingers/ice cream...that's my kinda cake...
 Jyson with his new glow-in-the-dark football
 After the guests leave, the party continues...
And this balloon wins the 'ginormous-est' award.

Birthday dinner included juice of the highest caliber:

Beet face is a happy face
 Sweet potatoes done in the 'new' roaster oven
 Steaks: I am NOT a meat cooker since we rarely eat it, but b-day request was steak & chicken so I did some serious researching and...
 It was yum...& so was the homemade BBQ sauce I tried for the first time (though Tony told me apologetically he prefers the store corn syrup version, grrr...;)
 Tony's secret present to the boys: a PB stirrer, ha! Jyson was especially glad since he tends to be the one stuck with that job (we have natural pb that is separated on opening). This year we did basically one present per each boy (b-ball for Jaydon & origami/stylus for Jyson) & then told them we were doing 'dates' for the other. I totally forgot my camera, but they each got to choose one place & awesomely they both decided instead of doing one-on-one dates like we had planned, they wanted the 4 of us to go all together. We did a Groupon for Laser Tag (& pulled a bunch of secrets outta the guy there for next time...) and tried the new jump place "Sky Zone"--awesome fun, lotsa rules (no jumping 2 to a tramp...what?!)
 And here we have the favorite, infamous PB fingers. Mmm...
 My b-day notes from my awesome dude.
Since the boys were gone to their Dad's this Mother's Day I made myself a pie :) while Tony took care of dinner. Not an equal trade of course (boys to pie, that is), but it helped...
And then there was my birthday: 
First stop: Vera Bradley store w/ birthday coupon to get a wallet that will hold the future used iTouch (aka, my much-needed new 'brain')
And thar she be...with the food
Next stop: Flattop Grill (free birthday meal!!). We'd never been there & I loved it: add whatever veggies(s) & sauce(s), choose a meat (or none) then they cook it up for you.
 The meal before it goes on here...
After this we went to see "The Croods" Not creative for a birthday date, but loads of fun with my best friend!!

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