Saturday, March 15, 2014

Snow, kale, Science Fair and Valentine's Day…busy coupla months...

A pic the boys had to capture due to the art of it all…The boys have officially been out of school 14 days this year!!! This winter has pretty much had 'Rexburg' written all over it…minus the prepared snow trucks at 5am & the snow days built in to the school year. It does get shoveled eventually…Due to missing that many days of school they've extended the school day by 30 minutes until May 8, and extended the school year until June 4. 
 Good spot to stand, eh?
Dad's idea of quiet time…thanks Nana for the new toys!! And yeah, Tony cleaned it up, though we found bits of white around the house for a few days...
 You know your kid is allergic to Kale when he looks like this after eating it. Oh, and if he throws up. Wow, not an allergy I expected…

Dun dun dun!! The Science Fair Contestants!!

 Both boys were chosen from their classes to participate in the final judging, and Jyson was one of the 5 chosen to go to Regionals--both boys worked hard & learned a LOT about the Scientific Method Process (as did I)

V-day meal of Hot Pink Breakfast Smoothie, tomato soup with much-desired grilled cheese (heart is out of sourdough bread), tomatoes & 'Dragon Flesh' aka Meunster Cheese & a coconut sugar/wheat flour adaptation of my Mom's traditional sour cream sugar cookies with cream cheese frosting
 Ari's V-day present

 1902 cupboards that don't have shelves in them are perfect for bonding…or playing in while mom is making dinner.
 When Ari finds a crayon (and we banned them completely for awhile due to the depletion of the 'magic eraser budget')
 She shares it with every wall and surface possible (like windows, dressers, beds, doors, walls, desks, tables…)
She's also a good teacher. But they're also getting reeally good at cleaning it up
And due to a major misunderstanding/mistake our gas heat has been shut off for 3 (!) days!! Good thing it's 50 degrees outside today so inside it's a whopping' 60...

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Annik said...

All such great news! (Other than the kale allergy!)