Sunday, June 15, 2014


Don't be jealous that your water is clear and ours is brownish-yellowish-poopish. Maybe with extra good luck you too can move into a rental with iron/sediment/shallow well issues…good thing we have the gorgeous green Amish farm fields, small-town living & family-oriented, Christian community to make up for it!  
 Jyson paraphernalia found in my room one night: glue gun, 50 ft rope, origami w/paper & nylon tow straps with 'grappling hook'. What was he doing with this combination, you ask? Yeah, me too...
 Nursery Mother's Day present.
 Thanks to her own handiwork (her hairchop awhile back), she gets to wake up with awesome 'do's' like this. I remember when she was a baby & had tons of hair with a cute little wave in it & one friend said, "all the girls are going to be jealous of her hair when she gets older." Yeah, maybe if I ever figure out a way to calm the tresses of not-curly-not-straight-ness & if she doesn't keep trying to be her own hair-cutter-er...
These are fun friends we've spent most Tuesdays with. Their mom & I worked a trade so she could volunteer in her other son's classroom & I could go VT-ing to my older ladies sans kiddos. Bonus: new best friends!
 More friends having an awesome time in the puppet show arena (Ari is always looking for playmates who want to do this & these friends complied with loads of imagination to boot!!)
 Dear Sammy the 1 cent pony: Thank you for my sanity and for the happiness of my children. Without you I'm not sure we would have groceries in our house.

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