Sunday, October 19, 2014


 And I thought they were in quiet time… why oats and clothes together? why? I just don't know. It was the 'gift' that kept giving all week. I cleaned up what I thought was all of it only to discover a new oat hiding place every day…inside the cupboards…the crockpot on the shelf...the freezer…the hamper…the washer…the dryer!!!!!! And then those light little critters kept coming out from under the freezer & washer/dryer for literally weeks. Anyone have a safe hiding place for a 50 lb bag of oats??
And due to the increase in emotions lately (only on the children's part of course, I am always perfectly calm in all of my 'oat' situations) we created this chart together for FHE. On the left Tony drew 6 'feeling faces' with descriptive emotions below (Rhett wanted a train to be the grumpy one). On the right are all the options they came up with to do when they need to feel better so they can do better (Rhett & Ari added their personal touches, as you can see). 

They use it quite a bit, actually & it's quite amusing to hear Rhett say "I feel jealous!" on a regular basis. One time…
 Ari totally pushed Rhett & took something away & quick as a wink…
SHE said: "Oh, should we go to the chart?" She points to the chart & in her sweetest mommy voice says, "How do you feel, jealous?" (remember SHE'S the one that is the offender here!). 
Rhett: "No, I feel frustrated!" 
Ari: What do you want to do, bang on pots?
Rhett: Yeah!!


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