Friday, April 8, 2016

4 months

He's mellow and deep. His eyes talk to your soul. Seriously, this baby couldn't be any cuter!
-He's started on tummy time more regularly but doesn't last long still
-His sleep is great during the day (no crying at all when I lay him down), but nights are still in the weird 2-4 day cycle where he sleeps from 7pm until 4 or 5 am, for 2-3 days and then wakes up earlier and earlier, even though I haven't fed him the '2am' feeding since he was 2.5months old (unless he was sick then we just threw it all out the window and started over when he was well again)
-He's getting pretty vocal and can really get the most amazing high-pitched squealing going on, but it's not very often. Mostly he just smiles and kicks his legs in contentment.
-He falls asleep on his own in the car and at church in his carseat, ahhhh...I just put his little cover over him and he grunts a bit and falls asleep. For the record, Rhett was the only other one that did that.
-He gets stuck on his side and then 'crashes' back onto his back
-Found out he has Eczema, say what?! I'm guessing it's something I'm eating so here we go down the 'eliminate, figure-it-out' doesn't really flare up so far, it just stays scaly patches on both his arms and then the skin is just a bit rough on his upper legs and tummy. I think it might have an emotional base...

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