Saturday, November 1, 2008

'Tis the Day After Halloween

This is what I spied & quickly got the camera because Jyson was being so happy & goofy (he sings all the time!) while he was dusting. I'm sorry, I switched the angle so you'll have to cock
your head awkwardly to see half of this little video (I thought my camera adjusted it).

And this is what Jaydon was doing meanwhile. And now it is time for haircuts, a perfect post-Halloween activity!


Bernie, Brittany, and Isaiah said...

Hey Jenna,
How fun to go to the maze and trick or treat. We just had Isaiah pose for pics and stay at home. We didn't want to do the walking. Maybe next year. Hope you're having a good year and have a good class.

Melanie said...

You've taught your kids how to have fun while they work! Way to go!

I enjoy your posts. I hope to read a new one soon. :)