Saturday, November 1, 2008

Is Halloween Really Over Already??

Niece Kelsi, Tony, Me, Rambo 1 & 2 at Tony's sister Dina's house, one of our last stops of the evening. We had a great time visiting a few older ladies (the boys shyly sang their cute skeleton song for them), and wow, Tony was as excited as they were. Nostalgia hit him in great force & he ran--literally--all over Dina's very generous neighborhood with the boys (one house gave every child a dollar--what the??).

Us at Heritage Park for the "Trunk-or-Treat." Great idea Sugar City, but apparently the citizens decided to do their own thing because there were only about 8 cars there :) See Jyson's bag? Isn't it awesome? He forgot his cute little pumpkin at home, so we rummaged in our trunk & came up with two options--ginormous bag or girly basket. You see his choice.

"The looking at" of the loot with Dina's kids: Carson, front skeleton (he was one of my students last year); Garett, back skeleton, Jaxon Spiderman/Power Ranger/Superman (he put a conglomeration of costumes together to come up with THE ultimate super hero!); and Kelsi Cinderella. Then after we got home Tony introduced me to his Halloween tradition, "The Trade." It was an intense 20-30 minutes of trading for, trading back, bargaining & begging between the three (yes, Tony too) piles of candy. Incredible!

Me, far left with some of my little darling 5th-graders at the Straw Maze yesterday. For those of you that don't know the story...a student at BYU-I wanted to start up a Straw Maze to make some money/do a business, so he listed his request on Craigslist and received a response! Isn't that wild? So he splits the proceeds with the partner & they have a lovely symbiotic relationship :) At night they even have scary chainsaw guys chasing you into the dead ends & strobe lights to make it even more spooky. I have to say, it was pretty darn good. It was easy at first, but the end is so confusing, & there are a million turns! It was so fun to go with my 4 giggly/screamer girls. It was so easy to scare them in order to get some great scream-age & laughing (a bit of an imp am I, admittedly).

Tomorrow we're going to have family over to have our traditional "Dinner-In-A-Pumpkin" and carmel apples. We're adding a new one...cinnamon-sugar bats with apple-butter/peanut butter dip. I also have a new recipe I'd like to try for Apple Cheesecake with gingersnap crust that looks delicious that I might post (if it's good, that is). What about you? What are your traditions? Have any yummy recipes to share?


Melanie said...

My kids used to do the sorting and trading of candy too, and anything that they didn't like they gave to mom and dad, like those gross black and orange wrapped peanut butter candies.

We love pumpkin roll at our house and we had some last night. I'm looking forward to your recipe!

breena rae said...

Tony, did you steal that costume from Marilyn? Glad to see all is well!