Sunday, September 20, 2009

Johnny Appleseed Festival

We attended our first annual Fort Wayne festival at the "Johnny Appleseed" park, he's big here apparently...They had a lot of great authentic games n' goodies at a not-so-authentic price--EXPENSIVE! The funny part is that when we first arrived Jaydon immediately said, "ooh, what's that?!" to a big pile of rocks...then when we told him they really were just a pile of rocks, he said, "let's go see them!" They did have some pretty awesome cannons shooting off every little while.

A game played in 'ye olden days' where you let the ball swing & try to hit the piece of wood

A parade we watched while waiting in line for one of the lil' rides

A fabulous tree near our car the boys climbed twice (Tony included)--once when I was nursing Ari before the festival, & once after :)

This is the tank located by the park, but somehow I don't think it had anything to do with Johnny Appleseed. No matter, we're all about the "free" entertainment, the parade, the tree, the tank...

Here is the 'ride' the boys went on, & if you look closely, you can see Tony's bum almost all the way off the seat, cute isn't it?

And just because she's so durn cute, here's Ari at 3 weeks while I am trying to convince her that awake time does NOT start at 11:00pm, suggestions anyone?????

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