Sunday, September 20, 2009

Raw Cobbler

Here's my version of Ani Phyo's raw foods cobbler (I did mine with berries instead of peaches since that's what I had available). Very different, but so yummy & SO good for you! Raw foods (as you probably all know) have the most nutritional value because nothing is cooked out, so my new goal is to have an all 'raw foods' meal at least once a week. I had Sarin buy me Ani Phyo's new cookbook for my Christmas present to help me in this endeavor & since she was the one who introduced me to her. For anyone interested, you can type in her name on YouTube & she has some videos/recipes there.

p.s. double-dog dare you to guess what the topping is made out of, never would have myself, but you might! (answer: on YouTube)

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