Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The TRUE Tale of a Tony Menu

Once Upon a time...
Jenna-vive had a marvelous husband, truly a prince among men. One glorious Saturday (November the 14th, in the year two thousand and nine) he put off slaying the dragons of his choice in order to let his wife (whom he calls 'the queen' *true story*) regain her sanity by giving her some much-needed time off. She received extra beauty sleep in the morning while he took the sons to the faraway land of "Auto Zone," she was able to go running whilst talking to the magical squirrels & birds along the way, & ended that marvelous day by being allowed to feed her soul at the castle spiritual banquet known as the "Stake Conference Adult Meeting." Well, in the course of that SUPERB day, she didn't have to fix one, single, solitary, meal! The result? The Tony menu:

Breakfast: Cheeseburgers & a Heath Klondike Bar

Lunch: Peanut Butter, strawberry preserves & WHIPPED CREAM sandwich

Dinner: Spaghetti sauce, chicken & cheese sandwiches 'cooked' in the sandwich maker

Post Script: The good news? I figure since I didn't partake of any of the aforementioned victuals, I will be in good order to calm their troubled tummies all week long...

Post Script Script: This is not a usual occurrence in our humble cottage, Tony-the-Prince is actually quite health conscious, but it was well worth my 'vacation' :)


Candria said...

What a great post! What a great guy! What a great day (sounds like for everyone!) That's awesome!

Aaron, Bri, and Aizley said...

Kids need a good junk food day once in a while right! I will tell Mandi hello for you. She is a fun girl. We are about 5 1/2 hours from Chicago. Are you Chicago temple or Columbus? I assume you would be Columbus because I think it's closer to you. We were Chicago when we lived in Indiana but now we're St. Louis. At some point, maybe spring break or summer, we should all meet at Chicago hit the temple and maybe stay over night and hit a few museums. The aquarium is awesome as well as the field museum. They are all cool really. There are certain times of year it's free to. e-mail me and I'll tell you more. brilynnscott@gmail.com