Thursday, December 10, 2009

My Random Gratefuls!

1.) For my little turkeys, gobble gobble!
2.) For food! And for the lovely people who invited us to partake of theirs (Ali's pumpkin cake-bars--oh, divine!)
3.) Nature, for the creativity of children & their love of everything beautiful & simple!
4.) Books have always thrilled me, so this Kodak moment practically sent me over the edge!
5.) That Tony was able to sell this so quickly in order to procure our family with a computer that works! I'm so grateful!
6.) Once detested as a child, oatmeal now warms the tummy & feeds my "happy gland"
7.) Gotta love those bright, sunny colors & boy do I love how Legos keep ALL my men entertained!
8.) Going to the temple has just gotten 286 miles harder, but our awesome ward made it so we could all go by providing baby-sitting at the near-by stake center. Nothing is the same as the peace of the temple.
9.) I'm grateful for a husband who teaches our boys the absolute importance of the temple

10.) I love water creations (& again, those little darlings in the background), they make me feel giddy & childish (I just hide it inside :)

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Aaron, Bri, and Aizley said...

So is your temple Chicago? That is crazy. I recognize the ball water fountain.