Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Summer Catch Up

 This is the only picture I got of the boys' 10th birthday! It was more like a week of celebrations because they had a soccer game on their b-day & it was a Monday/weekday...they continued to open presents as they came in the mail all week & then on Saturday I took the boys & 2 of their good friends to Tony's work to watch the new Muppet movie in their amazing theater, play in the free game area (foosball, hockey, a couple arcade games, ski ball, virtual games, ping pong etc...) & then have their 'cake.' Normally they decide on some themed cake, but this year they let me off easy & wanted our family-famous "Peanut Butter Fingers." I did put candles in, double digits, these little dudes make me feel old! I sure love them and so grateful they are part of our family!

The beginning of Jyson's ortho journey (trying to escape breaking his jaw later on...). He's in 'Phase 1' headgear & expander. They told him he would be so easy to work on cuz his lips are so stretchy...way to go bud!
 A little preview of what I did on my birthday...I told Tony I really wanted a day to work on my projects as a present & he lovingly complied since he had the day off! This shows the beginning of the dresser scrape-off-veneer-stage...more to come when it's complete. We also went out to eat courtesy of some coupons & finished the evening with one of my favorite desserts--serve-yourself frozen yogurt. And let it be mentioned, Tony surprised me & I woke up to the smell of chocolate cake--he made it for me, what a man!
 The beginning of the bottle transition...notice Jaydon's legs pinning lil buster's arms down
Our baby bird adventure...this little guy fell out of his nest. Luckily the boys had one on hand ;) & after reading that the very best thing to do was to put the bird back in the nest (total myth that birds abandon their young...they don't have good smellers come to find out) we did just that. We also read that when birds have feathers they are fledgling (that fit this guy) so it's actually normal for them to be hopping around on the ground because they have to build up their muscles...the moms stay around & feed them until they can do it for themselves. Who knew.
 Jyson took great care in making some improvements to the nest.
 Placed oh-so-carefully back on the branch. Good luck to you birdie!
 And on to a totally non-bird realated topic...this is a date that got stuck in Ari's hair.
 This Mommy believes in continuing school work in the summer so pictured above is Jyson's solution to his struggle to stay focused on the math placement test I gave them. And double plus--it glows in the dark!
 Field boy
 Cheering up a neighbor.
 One-on-one dates: Jaydon & I played Battleship & Tony taught Jyson how to make balloon creations (that husband of mine has oh-so-many talents!)
 The "Castle Park"

We tried to get in some good stuff before the boys took off for the summer...we were also able to go to an AMAZING concert at Tony's work. Jazz singer Cyreille...I was in heaven!
 And for my summer activity: Lyme disease from a Deer Tick. This is Tony's solution to my weird fever/chattering. Thanks dear, Ted the Tiger made all the difference...I've been getting steadily better & my 'numbers' are improving so I am totally optimistic about beating this sucker.
I heard Rhett fussing & discovered the poor lad stuck behind the Lazy Susan with only oats to keep him company...


Alyse Burt said...

Jenna! I'm glad you are feeling better, I'm so sorry you've been sick. And I missed your birthday, I've become totally reliant on facebook to keep me posted on people's birthdays. I'm glad you had a good one! Your family is so cute!

jamie t. said...

I love the update! You have the sweetest family. It looks like you are very busy but doing great. can't wait to see more on your project.