Thursday, September 19, 2013

Party for the age 4 gal & the age 2 guy

 Ari & Rhett's choice of cake. It's a turtle in case you can't tell :) And since I couldn't think of any natural blue/turquoise-ish way to color the frosting, I caved & used the fake stuff ;) Seriously, what is blue in nature? Don't you worry though, I still snuck in the traditional veggies inSIDE the cake..totally yummo & discreet...
All gone already?
I wish we could have invited the whole ward, it's basically an amazing bunch of friends.
 And when the trampoline & corn hole no longer held the attention of the little people, Tony to the rescue with his balloon animal capabilities! Did I score big-time in the 'husband arena' or what?!
 And then it was back to the trampoline WITH the balloon animals...totally new excitement now...
And though we said no one needed to bring presents we had a couple of kind rebels who brought a little something. Molly & kiddos brought a fantastic sprinkler attachment & some restickable stickers & pictured above are the paint sets they got from another family of friends. The joy from opening those gifts was the sweetest thing--they loved every bit of the process and it was so cute to see how grateful they were! Thanks guys!

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