Thursday, January 9, 2014

My ma ma!!

 Our Thanksgiving surprise visitor--Nana Cobia!…it was a gooood video & we got it all!  
My turn, same picture!
 Sweetie Pie!! We picked her up from the airport with me with her 'I Love Nana' shirt on & kept looking at her with a slight 'Can I believe this?' smile on her until finally she broke into this beauty that seemed to say, 'She's really here!!' She kept calling Nana our "present." 
 One of our first events, courtesy of Nana
 My mum gets a laugh out of the fact that Rhett eats twice what Ari does each morning :)
 Jyson caught this delightful moment.
The magic of a music box…in Costco :)

There are many other pictures, but at present are unavailable…more to come for my book's sake!

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