Saturday, July 11, 2009

Good-bye Rexburg, hello to Indiana!

Yes, that's right, we're uprooting from Rexburg & moving to Indiana! It was rather a quick decision & has been a continuous whirlwind for the past month & a half. Here's a quickie-like update of all that has been happening to get us to this point (I'll post pictures later):
  1. Whoa, we decide to move all-of-a-sudden at the very end of May. I tell my principal on the LAST day of school that we're moving...
  2. The boys leave for Florida the next day!
  3. I leave for my teacher history grant Boston/D.C. trip the next day after that (Sunday) for a week.
  4. Tony moves a couple weeks later after packing up a couple of the rooms with me
  5. I pack & pack & pack...
  6. I clean & clean
  7. We look for houses for rent. No luck
  8. Tony likes his new job. Very good news.
  9. We don't know when I'm going to fly out, the doctor tells me not past 34 weeks, but we have other issues to work through the third party
  10. I pack & clean & pack & clean & get lots of GREAT help from family
  11. We look some more for houses for rent. No luck
  12. Tony still likes his new job!
  13. We finally work through the issues with the third party, I'm leaving on Monday & the boys will come on Wednesday! Hooray for family togetherness again!
  14. Still no house for sure so we'll live in a cozy month-to-month
  15. Dad to drive out our stuff hopefully by the 20th (we plan on finding a house by then :)
  16. Baby to be born a short month later (hopefully it will all be unpacked by then)!
  17. Whew, what an adventure, and it's just beginning...


jamie t. said...

Phew!!! Good luck. Moving is always such an ordeal. I hope you can get settled and can't wait to see your beautiful baby girl.

Melanie said...

Wow, that's a lot of changes. As a mother and grandmother, I can imagine how your mom is feeling about now. Good luck! Post pictures soon!