Monday, August 3, 2009

The Boston part of "The Trip"

The Old North Church where the "two-if-by-sea" lanterns were hung in the belfry arch--with a lovely statue of good ol' Paul in front (poor Dawes & Prescott, no statues for them...)

One of the only pictures I'm actually in--because I was SO incredibly excited to be in front of Louisa May Alcott's home!

From the top of Bunker Hill-beauty!

Our vehicle for the "Duck Tour" of Boston--it even takes you in the water!

A marker for "The Freedom Trail" that goes all around Boston--this one is for the site of the "Boston Massacre." After teaching about this particular event for the last 3 years to a bunch of 10 yr-olds, I tell you, it was such a THRILL to be standing in the actual location!

The Old North Bridge where the Redcoats & Minutemen met for one of the earliest battles in the American Revolution

The actual house of Paul Revere--he had 15 children all living in here & it was considered to be a large house for that time period!

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