Saturday, October 3, 2009

13 Hearts for Innnnnnnndiana!

1. My babe was born here!

2. Tony's work has this awesome game area (no blood n' guts either) we frequent regularly

3. Souped up golf carts instead of 4-wheelers--no joke--they ride around the town (look at those beefy tires) just for kicks

4. Our cafe where we get my new favorite--PB frozen yogurt!

5. Fresh veggies from the good people of the city

6. 'Vera Bradley.' My amazing friend bought me my diaper bag from here--I love love it! Check it out you west-coasters Everyone here who is anyone simply must have one (there's a spring sale so they're somewhat affordable at that time)!

7. Our lil' town has a garage-sale weekend where one & all have a garage sale--gotta love small-town quaintness... My favorite purchase was the $5 treadmill I bought that works great!

8. Our new bank lets us save up points toward a million different gift cards--presents for Christmas!

9. Our Amish neighbors are a good reminder to simplify our lives. They are so kind!

10. Why doesn't Idaho have this...a "family friendly" station where one of their main slogans is "never anything that will offend the family," and "Christian, family values." Awesome!

12. Of course the trees here in the east are many colors

13. This ultimate "key-saver" is incredible! Not an Indiana original I'm sure, but it's here that I discovered it so it deserves a 'heart.' It clips on to keys & then hooks outside the pocket so you never have to dig through your purse or bag again!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Amy said...

It sounds like you guys live in a great place! And I'm a little jealous of the key saver -- since my keychain broke today, I may be hinting just a bit about a new find...

Candria said...

Cute post!

Shawn and Cami and Max and Annie said...

i have a vera bradley bag and it has been well loved!! Bouhght it on a layover in Cleveland after my purse strap broke right off walking to the airport in Philadelphia. I love it too!!

Melanie said...

I want to visit small town Indiana! I've been to Indianapolis and wasn't that impressed, but your town sounds great.

I love your happy trio picture!

Melanie said...

Me again! My blog went private. If you want want an invitation, would you email me at

Aaron, Bri, and Aizley said...

Your making me miss Indy. We have something in common. My baby girl was born in Indiana too. Did you get the congratulations note from your state representative? It really is a lovely state. We have a lot of good memories there too. Hail to Ol' Purdue!!! (although your not by Purdue)