Sunday, October 11, 2009

Our View of Saturday

We got to help at the community food bank & it was a neat experience (albeit a short one, there were 700 volunteers that helped that day & 1,000 people that came through the line). Anyone who wanted to could come through a food line--there was a vast amount of food given out (as seen behind the boys)! Jaydon was the official 'grapes' guy & Jyson did the fresh bunches of parsley. For some reason, Jyson had a harder time giving away his produce :)

We went to "Battle of the Bands" because we were given 2 free tickets since Tony's work was the sponsor for it. It was AMAZING! I was in summer marching band back in the day, but we were so small & there was just no budget for it. But, they introduced me to "Drum Corp" & that is where my love for drum lines began (they are so shivers-down-your-neck-giving). Drum Corp is a professional, world-wide pumped up version of marching band. They are incredible. Anyway, these fantastic high school bands we watched yesterday reminded me of that & it was a blast to watch them. The boys loved it too.

This clip (if you can see it) was a band whose music theme was reminiscent of what happens to children when they eat too much candy & get a tummy ache...nightmares . SO creative. P.S. look for the oompa loompas

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