Sunday, October 11, 2009

Our Littlest Blessing

Today was the day, though it almost wasn't... The bishop forgot, but luckily we have a bold friend who went up & reminded him.

I actually made this dress when I found I was pregnant...with TWO boys (college class almost 9 years ago). But, my patience finally paid off!
Acknowledgements go to:
--Cami for the beautiful blanket behind Ari that was made about 6 months before I made the dress. She is my awesome roommate-- Camian lookee, it finally got used (the boys were born when it was stinkin' hot)!!
--And thanks to Grandma Cobia for the headband & adorable bracelet. They contribute greatly to the "ahhhh" factor :)


jamie t. said...

She looked beautiful! What an adorable family you have. She has grown so much bigger so fast.

Shawn and Cami and Max and Annie said...

I knew I recognized that blanket when I was scrolling through. Congratulations!! I'm glad you liked it. Ari is a cutie. I think she looks just like you! Miss you.

Candria said...

There is a definite AHHHH factor with that little one! I'm very impressed with the dress and how amazing you look! Way to go!