Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Merry of Our Season!

Good thing our tree isn't any taller, eh?
They loved seeing it light up & the scene inside
Our ward had a "cookies & milk" theme w/ crafts for our ward Christmas activity. I was in charge of the pipe-cleaner n' bead candy canes (I believe we have 20 gracing our tree!)
...And the dancing
...And our lovely friend who coaxed our lil' bitty into slumber

...And ta da! The climax (if this Santa wouldn't have been able to do it, they asked if Tony would. Well, he has been to "Clown School" in his past where he was an awesome Santy-Claus, but we were grateful our children could get their visit in to a non-Daddy version of the big, jolly man)

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Farfán Family said...

So cute! You look great Jenna! Miss you.