Monday, January 11, 2010

The Coming Home

Though I didn't get any pictures of the fire or the smores from our first indoor fireplace fire (thanks to the wood my men got & stacked--see earlier post), we DID get a picture of this bird (there were 2 actually) that thought it great fun to hang out in our fireplace & then FLY around our house smacking into everything until they finally found their way OUT! Poor little birdies.
The first real snow that we saw (eight inches & a day out of school!), the boys had to go jump on the tramp. Seriously--jumping on wet, slippery surface screams DANGER to me, but who am I to ruin my children's childhood memories (including the broken something that's bound to happen sooner or later)? Luckily for me, Tony always goes with them & he's very careful.
Shot 1 from operation: "Attack-Daddy-As-He-Walks-In-the-door-w/-a-bazillion-nerf-bullets".Here we have the fortification (they locked all the bedroom doors so he couldn't go down the hall & come out behind them--the little sneaksters).

Shot 2: The eating & waiting (ah, Mom, do we have to?) for "the arrival." It was a pretty sweet set-up, I must say. And it sure made for speedy chompers--hmmm, maybe I'll encourage such actions every night...

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