Monday, January 11, 2010

The reasons for our season...

And here is the reason we went to Idaho...Spencer + Megan ='s newest Cobia family (wedding pics to come later)! Oh, & throw my baby into the pic & they really look like a family!
Here they are in their awesome town house their friend is letting them have for free right now! What happened to the good ol' days when newlyweds had run-down junky first houses? Ah, well, they're too beautiful a couple for that to happen to I guess...
Announcing Rexburg's newest AWESOME addition...TwizlBerry!! It's like Yozone in Provo for any that know it. It's an amazing selection of self-serve frozen yogurts that you can put any assortment of toppings on. Just watch out, the bowls are huge & it's priced by the OUNCE (suggestion: weigh in often)!
Cute cousin Neal
Gorgeous cousins & the Martinelli selections behind them
My Christmas babe a snoozin

The Tony family white elephant gift party (I tell you, they really do it right, the coveted gift this year was the broken trophy...sorry Dina, you had to sacrifice it for your child)

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