Monday, January 25, 2010

Resolved 2010: Play more, stress less & become a food storage junkie!

Exhibit A: My new secret obsession--Pac Man (free at Tony's workplace)
Exhibit B: Peek-a-boo--Tony the trapped "lion" in a blanket/pillow "cage"
Ah, look at it, isn't it beautiful? The cadillac of wheat grinders, the NUTRIMILL! Someday soon (tax return money perhaps?) I plan to own this dream machine in order that I might make this more easily (& cheaper) on a regular basis:
WHEAT: obvious critical food storage component made into what I like to call wheatie goodness, a.k.a...BREAD (I forgot how it's not so very hard after all!).

I have been struggling the last couple of months to find the most cost-effective, & travel-effective (I can buy it from the church in Indy, but it's 2 1/2 hrs away so early on I decided that wasn't my chosen method if I could help it) way to buy wheat in bulk out here in the Mid-West (plenty of corn & soy beans, but wheat??!). Well, at church yesterday I found out that there is a guy coming from IDAHO & bringing a massive load of wheat for anyone who wants to order...for cheap! Yeah for little prayers being answered! I also found a lovely Amish store that has many other things in bulk. And so goes the food storage gathering quest.............

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Aaron, Bri, and Aizley said...

Jenna you are very cute. I think it's very funny that you call it the "East" technically your in the mid-west. The East infers you are east of Ohio. Ohio is the final mid-west state. Way to go on the food storage goal. You can order wheat from the church too. There is a warehouse in Indianapolis. You can order any of the the church dry pack canning stuff from Indianapolis. Your ward should have someone over that. If your super ambitious you can go to Indianapolis and dry pack there, if I were going though I think I'd prefer the Children's's the coolest one I've ever been to and it fits in the have fun goal. Hope your having a blast with that cute family of yours.