Thursday, February 11, 2010

Me to a 'T'

Confession of a Creative, Compulsive, Crazymom (me):
I am the type of Mom that has tons of cute ideas, activities, crafts, etc. to do with my kids & then while I can be ok about letting them have their moment, I more often have a tendency to STRESS about the mess created from the know? For example, this picture:

We did the thing where we put a bunch of random utensils in a pillowcase & then picked one (or in the boys' case, several throughout the course of dinner) to eat our meal with. Fun, right? The boys loved it. Well, while I'm taking the picture, I'm just sure I have a slightly pained look on my face because I'm thinking about the fact that slotted spaghetti servers don't hold liquid soup very well & did I already remind them to "Hold over their bowls & if you spill on the floor remember to use a *floor* rag (not a dish rag, gross) to clean it up?" Aacck! Anyone know the cure? I remind myself often (it is my goal for 2010 after all) to "chill out," but so far I'm not incredibly obedient to me. It reminds me of this awesome song from one of our "Scripture Scouts" CD's about parents & their seemingly 'opposite' statements & desires (& it emphasizes that it's really because we love our kids & want what's best for them) favorite line is:
"Don't be afraid to try new things, just wear HELMETs, pads & WATERWINGS!!"
Silly parents (me)--we have our agenda, but yet we also want our kids to SOAR!

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Alyse Burt said...

If you figure out how to chill let me know, I'm the queen of stress! But i'm also trying to get better! BTW I just got a new flat iron, my old one still works pretty well, do you need it? I could send it with the girl clothes!