Monday, February 1, 2010



Today is clear, deliciously cold, & sunny with only a dusting of snow left. I wondered yet again how the Amish feel about driving about in their horse & buggies on days like today

Today the baby awoke cooing, drooling & happy to greet the sun…at 5:50 am (she was disappointed he wasn’t awake yet either)

Today Jyson peeled off all three layers of his jammie shirts, pants & socks in order to get dressed for church; giggling merrily as each layer was uncovered

Today the boys rushed through their hot cereal in order to partake of our tasty (yet healthy) breakfast cake

Today I didn’t sit still in church for more than 10 minutes: I lead the music in sacrament, fed the baby, played the piano in combined RS/Priesthood, left for Jaydon’s talk, went for my YW “teaching the theme song” session, lead choir, & ended with a finale round of “feed the babe”

Today Tony is doing his home-teaching on the last day of the month as a result of his companion’s ardent love for football (apparently, Indianapolis Colts are in the Super Bowl?)

Today I accidentally took my sports bra to church in my coat pocket. I wish I could say I didn’t pull it out amidst a few onlookers

Today Jaydon’s talk was flawless. No hiding from the audience, he looked up a few times & recited a good portion of it from memory! Proud & grinning, that was me.

Today a car with a very elderly couple & their handicap permit dangling in the window passed us on the freeway. No contest.

Today a friend from church suddenly insisted she should watch our children so Tony & I can go on a date this Friday

Today all I heard on the 30 minute drive home from church was soothing church music. Not one single note of 7 yr-old discord! The baby slumbers on, even now

Shhh…today maybe I’ll take a nap…………………..

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