Thursday, February 18, 2010

This Day is All About LOVE (Jyson)...

We LOVE these traditional V-day cookies (Janey must have the same tradition, she has the recipe posted here)
I LOVE this outfit (the leggings are from dear Sugar City Ashley who bought them even though she didn't think she had anyone to give them to until...we unexpectedly met up over Christmas vacation. Lucky Ari :)
Gotta LOVE this face
These boys are the LOVES of my life (other boy not pictured, he was working & we LOVE him for it!)
Reciprocal LOVE
She absolutely LOVES to roll over ONLY in this bouncer (time for her to graduate to the exersaucer I just bought off Craigslist).
They LOVED putting as many of her flowers & bows as they could fit on her poor little head
The LOVE of a lizard...Mommy hauled this reptile to the school so the boys could show their classes before we sold it to some friends in our ward. We'll miss her, more feeding worms wiggling on my table/crickets hopping around my house/lizard smell?? LOVELY.

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Farfán Family said...

Your baby girl is too cute!