Sunday, October 14, 2012

Happy anniversary to us...I love you dawwww-ling!

How awesome is this guy? I'll tell you...he arranged for the baby-sitter (that's big news to me and means almost as much as the date itself...almost), and surprised me with this sentimental walk down memory Korea! For those of you who didn't know we got engaged in Korea see THIS post for the full, juicy scoop. So we headed to the little Korean store we didn't know existed while he oohed and ahhed over all the stuff he loved while he was there. Then we bought some so's we could make our kids eat it!
Shrimp chips, MyChews, seaweed and some kind of chocolate thing.
 Then we headed to the Korean restaurant he looked up ahead of time to make sure it had great reviews  (my Tony the planner...isn't that romantic? To me, it IS!). The food was superb & Tony had just this goofy little boy grin on his face the whole time (more than is usual even for him which is saying a lot) making it totally worth it just for that alone. You know how Italian comes with free bread, or Mexican comes with free chips & salsa? Korean comes with 6 (!) sides with your main dish (kimchee, vinegar cukes, dried seaweed, oo-dang [fish bones ground up into noodles...seriously very tasty once you get past the 'bones' idea], green beans & egg-drop soup WITH a plate of one egg roll, dumpling & crabcake. Wow. And yes, they do believe in doggy bags.
After picking the kiddos up (thanks to our friends the Gregory's who watched them for FREE I might add), we immediately dug into our bag-o-Korean-wonder & distributed the seaweed. They ate it and ate it and ate it...and asked for more cuz honestly, seaweed isn't that filling...

Happy 4 years to my best friend in the whole wide world!

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Chantal said...

What a great guy he is! But then, we already knew that before he planned this amazing anniversary. And what kind friends. Thank them from this mom who would have LOVED to babysit for free! And what is it about seaweed? Sienna loves it, too!