Tuesday, March 16, 2010

All in a Saturday of Play

Welcome to the PMTC (Primary MTC)!! Daddy is the boys' teacher so he gets to attend the activities as well :)
Then they traipsed off to survey Jyson's displayed artwork in the FAME Art Day in downtown Ft. Wayne

And this is a form of art unknown to me before now where the fish IS the art (they paint a REAL fish & then plop it on the paper...artistically of course)
And, once again, I was at home with the wee one so we could preserve her very important sleep schedule--this time she actually slept, and has been doing very well for the past few weeks!! Who knew that from my last post the "sleep dilemma" was so close to resolving itself (knock on wood).


Krewson Family said...
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Krewson Family said...

Haha sorry my computer was being funny. That is really cute! We are doing a miny MTC day here only the kids get to paint ties. I will have to suggest fish? Love ya lots!