Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Our Grammie

Fact. My Dad's mother is the best Grammie there is. I talked with her today & I felt so uplifted when we got off the phone I wanted to document some of the reasons I love her.
--She's a fragile 80 something, 90 something pound lady who makes up in spunk what she lacks in mass :)
--She has an amazing memory (sticky notes are her brain, I love opening her cupboard doors just to see all 900 of them).
--She has been feverishly working to organize her "collectible generous" house for as long as I can remember (no complaints here, I've received some fabulous antique items)
--Memorable quirk: after family prayer she must pat us ALL individually on the head
--Her not-so-secret-obssession? Photos. My Dad once commented that he will have to build a wing onto his house just for the pictures/albums she passes to us & has prepared for our posterity. Come on, Dad, the rest of us are so grateful that she does so much genealogy/family history for us in picture form. So much work!! And let's not forget, when she takes the picture, "A-one, a-two, A-doodle-ly-doo!"
--Frugal, practical, but yet, she believes in people unequivocally & knows the importance of dreams
--She's a beautiful lady (we girls all love the way she dresses--well, minus the extra layers she ALWAYS has to wear to stay warm). Her eyes are so sparkly & she has the most incredible head of thick, gorgeous white hair!
--My favorite phrase of hers: "Well, I need to go put on my face." You see, she has very blonde eyelashes/eyebrows, & they disappear without make-up!
--Adorable fault: Her temper. My shameless confession is that I like to see her wield her power in the direction of my father. Doesn't everyone think it's cute to see a little ol' lady bossing around a guy known as 'dad'??
--Intensely spiritual & faithful. The family joke/tribute is that if you really want something just ask Grammie to pray for it. It works, Tony is my evidence to prove it!!
--The word that sums her up? Family. Every birthday, holiday, special occasion, hard experience, joyous event she's involved & has so much love. I want to be like her when I grow up.


jamie t. said...

What a nice tribute. We are lucky who still have grandparents living to be such wonderful examples to us.

Aaron, Bri, and Aizley said...

Grandma is wonderful. It's fun to read what you wrote and compare to our ideas of her. Aaron and I were lucky enough to live with her for a couple years and really get to know her well.I love that you wrote about her because she is so wonderful and good.