Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Child's Play

"Mom, I can think better this way, trust me..."
The boy's idea of "tropical paradise" for little sister=Mom's flashing thought: "hello 351 strangulation hazards!!"
Daddy took the boys to "Science Central" where they got in for having good grades--aw, my little Einstein's

The "Tilted Room." Tony said it made him sick to his stomach just to be in there. Sorry, honey, occupational hazard of many child-related adventures
And this, you see, is what we did while the little mice were away...tried yet again to get mini-mouse-munchkin to nap on somewhat of a schedule for a decent amount of time (she's 6 mo, it's time!). Nighttime sleep is pretty durn good, but daytime naps? Uh, no. Some days she's great nap-wise & therefore happy Ari. Many other days she just fights it until sheer exhaustion forces her eyelids to close. Controlled crying worked for nighttime, but it's not working for daytime!!! This too shall pass, right?

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