Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Busy Ari, yes indeed...

Ari's consistent ritual with poor little Rhett's feet...even while he slumbers
Yes, Mommy puts that stuff on her eyes too...thanks do go to Jaydon for trying to grab what he thought was a pen away from her
the only way to get her to stay still sometimes is to bury her with pillows...so the boys say
Hotwheels smoothie, mmmm...good thing she doesn't know how to turn the Vitamix on--that powerful thing would do it's best to pulverize the little guy, I'm sure.
The library had some markers (washable at least) at the lil' kids table. She sure enjoyed those. Luckily I had my camera in the diaper bag to catch the moment & save me from freaking out.
The toys & 5 minutes alone creates amazing results
This is her response to "come here Ari..." at the boys' soccer game

gotcha you cutie-pie-busy-bee...we love you but wow, it's exercise [in patience & the physical-type] keeping up with you!

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Spencer, Meagan & Sienna said...

Haha...Oh Gosh, the markers in her mouth! That is so funny, I would have freaked out. I love those last two pics. Ari's outfit is to die for! She looks like such a mini-Jenna.