Sunday, November 6, 2011

Our Conference

Tony set up our computer screen on the piano bench so we could watch in comfort (there was no way we would have all fit in the computer/baby room, uh, uh, no way). Amidst the crazy kid-moments, we really enjoyed all of the amazing talks. So encouraging & a definite spiritual lift w/ some fun family time mixed in. The boys still say that conference is one of their favorite 'holidays' :)
For some reason Ari-kins consistently did not want to color on the printed side of conference coloring sheets...she preferred the totally clear side to express her inner creativity (at least she was coloring on paper rather than our walls, but that's a story for another day)
This is classic...Tony in the background being the shining example he is...oh, wait, he's trying to eat Jyson's ear...

And of course, what's conference without a few goodies...the top two were based loosely on something the boys had in Taiwan & loved. We froze Vanilla Almond Milk, then 'ice-creamed' it in the Vitamix & then had it two different days with different toppings: 1.) pureed mango & chocolate muddy buddies as toppers & 2.) our version of 'pina colada'--pineapple juice concentrate, whipping cream & banana blended up & topped with coconut & walnuts. Yummers

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