Sunday, November 6, 2011

Family or what?!

It started with this picture (pardon the explicit 'diaper showing')...I came across this one & it startled me...sure enough, I showed it to Tony & asked him who he thought it was & without hesitation he said, "Ari." No, dear, it's our cute little niece, Kelsey (Tony's oldest sister's youngest :) Since Ari was 'handed down' this dress I thought it would be fun to do a little side-by-side. And to add to the 'fun'-niness, this dress is the one Kelsey wore to our wedding reception...which is why I have pictures of her in it :)

And while we're on look-a-likes...
This is my brother Spencer's baby side-by-side with his baby picture (being held by other brother Devin). Seriously, the last few months, every time I saw her in a picture I've done a double-take because I see so much Spencer in her. Congrats Spence you no longer have to wonder what you'd look like as a dainty, feminine version of yourself (hee hee)--the next one's for you Meagan!

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