Sunday, March 3, 2013

Last Days

The next day my parents left on the train super early & we missed them for our New Year's festivities :)

We had pizza, chocolate gooey peanut bars (though there was a portion of sunflower butter for nut-allergic Spencer) & played minute-to-win-it games all night. I seriously had tons of pictures of people with panty-hose on their heads trying to knock bottles over, inflexible family members trying desperately to pick up that last tiny bag on the floor & the like(...alas, it was also in the mass of pictures that don't want to download--I found the lost pictures, but they now say 'error.' I'll keep trying for you, my dear blog book). Hilarious. Just believe me on that one. I never knew that a.) Devin could EVER best my incredibly flexible, exercises-all-the-time sister in a flexibility contest, b.) we would all cry tears of hilarity at least once that night & c.) that I would discover a sport we could beat anyone in my family at (since I am calling 'transfer the ornaments' a 'sport') camera also had a bunch of 'good bye' pictures on about a climax here, but good bye family! We sure loved all the time and activities we spent and did with you. I mean, really, it took me until March to get them posted, because even with all the missing pics, there were like 500 pictures to go through! Now THAT is family bonding :)

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