Sunday, March 3, 2013


We went ice-skating & it was super awesome. Spencer & Devin played hockey in college, & Sarin & Tony are quite competitive so it was mostly one big game of 'tag' + then spending time getting the boys used to the ice. I really did have pictures downloaded on my computer & it somehow erased them from the computer & also the camera. Go figure. I'm hoping to discover I'm wrong, in which case, the pictures will appear HERE

Until then, you can imagine the further cuteness that is my family

I think that night we watched "Christmas Oranges" but I didn't write it down on the schedule, so I can't be sure ;)

On Sunday night we had the 2nd annual 'Cobia Symposium" where whoever wants to can take a minute to share with the family things they think would be beneficial. Sarin shared some information about health & meditation, I shared some Positive Discipline (4 parenting styles) & one of the guys shared about "The Slight Edge", a book recommended by Jared, Pornography info by my Dad (they help with an anti pornography group in Idaho). Maybe sounds kinda nerdy, but it's been so awesome to learn from each other!!
Apparently Tony liked mine the best because this is the only picture of the whole thing...either that or he felt relatively obligated since we're partners for eternity...

Next, because my parents were leaving the next morning on the train we also had the family talent show that night (thanks to the Dayton's/Summers' tradition). Jyson was the first, Tony was the last, apparently I didn't take any pictures of anyone else's in between. Sometimes I wonder about me...

We were blessed by the following talents:
Jyson's lego hammer & origami hat (being placed on Tony).
Piano duet: Mom & Sarin
Vocal duet: Jyson & Mom
Piano solo: Jaydon
Push-ups with kids on the back: Jared
Guitar songs: Spencer
Growing a baby: Meagan

Last, but most memorable I daresay, was Tony's story. You see, I once saw him do this 'never-ending-story' for his nephews, and it continued into our marriage. Once in awhile, at night, he would do a segment in this story to the utter delight of our lads because, in true Tony style, it was complete with sound effects and a personal appearance by everyone present. I literally begged him to do one for my family and at last he consented. Doesn't quite do it justice in pictures, but I just don't think all 23 minutes of the video would upload:
 The beginning always starts with his meditation pose, deep breaths in and out, eyes closed...
 "And so..." he's off...

Cheetah power!

 If I remember right, this was "Nana-banana's" big entrance (above)
"Papa, the po-ta-ta"

 And this was when Butterfly Jared was swallowed by Slithering Sarin, the Lizard in order to expedite the traveling process...

Guest appearances were made by: Nana the banana, Spence-tata the beans & rice burrito (who turned into a caterpiller with dolphin flippers), the Meag-a-nator-half zebra, half fish, Beautiful Jared the Butterfly, Papa the Po-ta-ta , Jenna the Ice Princess, Jaydon with the skin flap arms (flying power), Jyson with the webbed feet/hands (super swimming capabilities) both with cheetah speed & Devin who could burst into a flock of black birds in order to be multiple places at once.
Isn't he greatly hilarious? If you know him, you know your answer.

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