Friday, March 15, 2013

Moving on...

 Here we have the boys' final request...sleepover in the living room! Now that everyone was gone, there were plenty of air mattresses to go around...
 After staying nearly 3 weeks, it was time for Uncle Devin to go back to his other life. Ari was so sad that she couldn't go with him, she started crying and yelling, 'Uncle Devin!' as he was walking into the airport. Come again, anytime!
 When we got home Jaydon slipped on the ice going back into the house, and without a word Jyson went out & started chipping away at it so no one else would suffer the same fate. Warms my heart.
 Ari's 3yr 3 1/2, he he. The nurses thought it was funny that she & Rhett took turns carrying around the big ol' bag of carrots (they prefer to eat them right out of the bag for some reason)
 A trip to the downtown library is more like a mini children's museum!

 Tony thinks I'm so funny because I say that one of the biggest perks of his job is the 'Gala' event in January. What can I say, I love food more than I love his clients? 
 Interesting that we mostly got pictures of the stuff we don't love to eat...the seafood spread (though Tony did eat some crab legs thanks to the tutorial of our friends). Still, the boat out of ice was pretty sweet stuff.
This, though, I totally dig. Major fondue fountain with the fixings. Mmmm...
Aren't I a graceful smile/chewer?
And...Tony received his 3 year award. He made it. We all made it. Who knows what the 4 year will bring...
Fellow member of the church who started working here about the same time Tony did. Since then there's been 2 others that are members get hired...they told Tony they like LDS guys there because of their honesty. Yes!
 And, since the holidays were a bit crazy, we opted to deliver "Happy New Year" granola to our neighbors.
 It was a beautiful day, so we got a lovely walk in. However, our Amish neighbors across the street have a big field and paddock closest to us so we had to walk on a more busy road to get to their place & the wind started blowing like crazy making me wonder if that had been the best choice after all for our little green-nosed kids. They are the nicest people. She wanted to invite us in to give us a tour, but she recently had her 8th baby (the first 7 were girls & they finally got a boy!) and he had a few health problems so she told us we could come back another time. We did get to go in their basement where she showed us her homemade laundry soap bars (they have to sit for an entire year before using!). She also gave us some of the best homemade taffy honestly tasted like caramel. Yeah, we'll be going back ;)
 We have really big leaves here, which equals really big ice formations of them sometimes. Neat stuff.
These kids just love to hang on Daddy's chin up bar. So does Daddy. He quite literally 'jumps' into the kitchen on a regular basis. And the boys have increased their pull-ups as well. I can do a whole half a pull up. 
 Sitting on tables is this dude's favorite past time.
 Sunday snuggles 
The boys decided to surprise all the nappers (that would be the littles & Tony & I) with a pancake dinner, complete with signs and a special surprise...

Remember Dashleen? She made another appearance, with the leftover handouts from the RS lesson I taught that day taped to her antlers. What a good little reindeer.
 The deal at our house is that if the boys want pancakes--and they do--they are responsible for the clean up. But who needs a shirt when you have an apron?
Lunch date with friends

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Chantal said...

Those little twinsies of yours are AMAZING! I couldn't have smiled any bigger on that super duper fun after-nap surprise. They are great!