Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Before they left for the summer...

Thanks to Facebook we saw this book signing event for the book series "Janitors" that the boys have loved reading so we surprised them...

First dinner compliments of the library summer reading with coupons for Chick-fil-a

Free poster for everyone who showed up! We bought the newest (and last) book and a Utah truffle for dessert (Deseret Book you were smart for bringing those alongside the books, I tell ya--this pregnant woman was weak from being so strong all the time :)

This 'garage band' did an amazing job--especially considering the fact that one of them was the author so we were really impressed! They had great little acts referencing the book and this pic is of the author who did this cool number with these 5 gallon buckets and they lowered to go around his waist so he played them that way too!! Go Tyler Whitesides, your readers love you doubly for it!!

The finale was toilet paper that they hooked up to a leaf blower so it blew out over the balcony into the audience--props to whoever agreed to let them do it and double props to whoever cleaned it up!

Bye boys, we miss you tons when you're gone, but realize we are so blessed to have you the majority of the year!

Nana took them to Idaho for me so they could go to scout camp with their cousin...

They got to hang out with family before departing to the other family :)

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