Wednesday, February 3, 2016

One month Maeser

-Sweet gentle spirit--you take it all in
-2nd night of your life you slept 8 hours (no, it didn't last :)
-You're a great nurser. Really great. Like every 1.5 hours--even through the night all too often--but at least you do have your days and nights figured out
-You're starting to smile!
-Everyone is so obsessed with you--always someone wants to hold you!
-You sleep in your carseat on top of the bassinet-thing Meagan let us borrow so I can reach you and so you're propped up--you sleep better like that.
-You have a bump on your ankle that you were born with that hasn't gone away
-You also have a clogged tear duct that you were born with too!
-You are our sweet, grunty little newborn, but don't have any spitting up problems!
-You are so loved.
-Everyone is smitten, especially your daddy.

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