Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The House

Our humble beginnings: The Aboite Inn--the one room month-to-month we lived in for awhile until we found the, it was cozy...especially when my Dad came with the U-haul & Sissy-the-cat (we already had the lizard residing with us from when Tony brought it a month earlier!)

First, our "bonus" feature--THE TIKI HUT! I can't imagine why the previous renters left it...neither can Sissy apparently (she's using the bird's nest the boys found as a pillow--comfy)

MY favorite feature--the enormous field (that we don't have to mow!) that abuts our backyard so the boys can search for grasshoppers/crickets/butterflies to their hearts' content. It's the cutest thing to see them out there with their butterfly nets, their screened-in 'bug-catchers' & Sissy pouncing along behind them--I think she's more like a dog than a cat sometimes

Before & (semi) After pictures of our house--we still have a long way to go, but it's a house, NOT an apartment (we're just renting for now, but we got it for super-duper cheap each month & it has AC & a dishwasher)!! It has lots of old-house "charm" but we're grateful to have our own place & I'M grateful Tony cut off a million branches off the nasty pine tree so now you can see the house :)

A rather dark glimpse of the living room inside...


jamie t. said...

I am so glad that you guys are getting settled. Keep the pictures and updates coming!

Rachel said...

i love your house... it looks way nice! i hope we can come visit you sometime... i love back east and have been to a lot of the places you have in some of your posts (like Plymouth rock).

Alyse Burt said...

It looks fantastic! I hope the boys and Tony keep taking care of you!