Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Welcome to Indiana!

There we are--the red dot--just a few miles from the border of Ohio (in fact, we even have a couple in our ward that live in Ohio!)

And this, my friends, is our view wherever we go. I'm amazed at how urban & city-ish it can be one minute, and then voila, 5 minutes later you're in huge cornfields! And here, it's just ALL cornfields (well, we do have a gas station, a Dollar General & a Subway...oh, & let's not forget our favorite little Cafe that has GREAT food!). Our little main street here is a LOT like Sugar City's--quaint & short-lived

And this is the welcome sign as you come into town :) I love it!! Who knows, maybe I'll cash in some time...


Krewson Family said...

jenna!!! Im glad you guys are doing well in Indiana. I cant wait for you to have your little girl I bet the bubs are so excited.

Carol said...

It looks like you are adjusting well to your new area. I love the picture of the corn field. Hope all goes well with your delivery and you get that little sweetheart here soon. Take care.