Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Magic of Ordinary Days

Squirrel hunting at the local park...and my cute sandwich I couldn't resist taking a picture of (Jaydon made it for me & wanted to be sure I got the one with JAM on it instead of HONEY like the boys prefer :)

Doing their daily reading on the resurrected trampoline (*see earlier post about what happened to the poor thing, but thanks to genius Tony it's now mostly the same--look closely & you can see the bent pole near the back of it, ah well, it was only $25 after all!)

The building of our own fire pit(we have easy-going landlords who let us dig up their yard for good purposes, they told me I could put in a garden next summer too!)! And our FHE fire w/ mallows & yes, hot dogs (don't worry, I got the healthiest kind available to mankind)

Zoo pictures--the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo is AMAZING!! Come some time & we'll show you around :)

The statue of the actual-sized Komodo Dragon they have at this awesome zoo!!

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