Friday, August 21, 2009

School Boys!

Here are my two, new, Woodburn Warriors (& I'll have you know, I did not pick those shirts out for them, at the store they just wanted the same shirt & then both wanted to wear it the 1st day)!

Jaydon, telling us that it's the '1st' day of school!

Isn't that the cutest smile?

As for a pregnancy update, well, there isn't one! At my appt. yesterday he said I'm in the same place I was last week, but he will strip my membranes on Wednesday (my official due date) to see if that helps since I really don't want to be induced with Pit or anything. And, my Mom comes in Tuesday night so that would be perfect! Pray baby Dayton will come on her own, I really really don't want to be induced! P.S. the doctor said her heartbeat is really acting like a 'boy' heartbeat--wouldn't that be a surprise! Guess I better pack some blue in the bag just in case!

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Michelle said...

How fun, I can't believe how big they are, and for baby girl, well, she better be a girl, you need a girl! :o) We miss you guys