Monday, October 10, 2011

The aftermath

After getting back most of us took a nap & this was Ari for a solid 5 minutes after she woke up...I'm glad Dev got a picture of this incredibly rare moment!
Before I found the bug spray I got bit over one HUNDRED times that first night...I'm glad I was the only one who got it this bad & neither of the babes got even one--blessings!
Then on Monday we got to work, being that it was 'Labor Day' & all...we cleaned out the garage! This is how it looked mid-morning after some work had been done already.
And this was the window...I could barely look at it long enough to snap the pic. The boys' bedroom windows were just as bad...dead, white ladybugs ALL over in them! So nasty.

Isn't she pretty now? One of my favorite things is to see our tools/96 hr kits hanging up all ship-shape-like on that brown-holey stuff that is often in garages...It's not a gorgeous brown, but the organization just makes me purr :)

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