Monday, October 10, 2011

Have you ever...

Ever had a dream where you knew it was a dream?

I had a nightmare a couple of nights ago. We had to move again. I was forced to view an endless number of less-than-ideal, uh, 'homes' by some interesting real-estate guys. One place had bright blue carpet, another had dirt brown (apparently I have an issue with carpet, that's what I remember most). There was one apartment that was connected to another via a non-locking door. Oh, hello handle-bar mustachioed gentleman watching the tube in a recliner....where am I?? And then it hit me all at once & I thus proclaimed loudly to those dudes vying for my 'business'...."I have a house...THIS.IS.A.DREAM!" I wish I could say they all dissolved into mist & I woke up instantly. Instead, they looked at me like I was crazy & tried to convince me otherwise, but I was emphatic & held to it until my eyeballs finally popped open, relieved that my dream self was correct and my comfy bed in our lovely new place was the proof.

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