Tuesday, October 4, 2011

-Is ALWAYS either smiling or laughing. He laughs at everything...when he gets his clothes changed, when we kiss him, when we talk to him...yeah, always!
-So close to rolling over it's like he's constantly looking over his shoulder :)
-Is a good little sleeper. In general he'll go down about 8 or 9 (usually) & then wake up around midnight to eat, then again between 4 & 6am & then is up for awhile at 9ish, then will stay awake for an hour or two, then go to sleep again (repeated throughout the day). He sleeps better in a bed now, but still, when he's tired, he'll fuss for less than 5 minutes & put himself to sleep 9 times out of 10! I marvel.
-Is so incredibly patient as Ari continues to love him, sit on him (it's amazing what she can accomplish in 5 seconds), poke his little eyes, etc.
-Is becoming a drool-a-maniac
-I don't know how much he weighs currently because we're solidifying a new doctor currently, but boy, he's a healthy one with adorable chub rolls on his thighs.
-If he's being held he'll be patient practically forever...even when he's hungry.
-He already has his eating down to about 10-15 minutes & will go 2 to 4(!) hours in between. I find I have to watch the clock because he doesn't always let me know when he's hungry!
-He loves his hang-down toys on his little gym & being in the car.
-He is just so lovable!

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