Sunday, October 23, 2011

August 26, 2011 she turned 2 :)

We celebrated a week or so late, but she didn't seem to notice...
I tried a new recipe for her 'doggy cake' bean chocolate sweetened only with stevia (I LOVED it & everyone else enjoyed it too :) with healthier cream cheese frosting, our berry ice-cream and then of course we had presents. She totally got the 'ripping them open' this year & of course wanted to play with all of them as we went. A few of the goodies: fun velcro dress-up dollies, play food & stacking cups from Nana Cobia, an adorable dress from Grandma Laretta, cute kitty shirt from Aunt Sarah, Amazon gift card from Brett, stuffed monkey from Grandma Debby...she's one lucky gal & here's the pics to prove it (though I only got 2 of the presents):
Jaydon is holding an awesome carved turtle from Grandma Debby's travels to Peru...

Here's my attempts to get Ari to pose for a picture in the dress from Grandma Laretta
"Why would I want to look up at you...leaves are way more interesting..."
Spread 'em wide girly...takes after a certain aunt of hers...hee hee
"Running away is so funny, right, Mommy?"

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