Sunday, October 23, 2011


My cousin wrote on her blog about getting the 'paychecks' Mom's get (thanks Jamie). I've thought about that ever since & here's one I was paid recently. The boys have been getting themselves ready for school 100% on their own (paycheck #1). As long as my OCD self stays in bed (I'm serious) they get on the bus [almost always] without a hitch. I put their spelling lists in this recipe holder so they can quiz each other over breakfast & one morning I came out to find this message in place of their words. Oh, how it made me smile all-the-live-long day :) even in my typing, see? :) :) I love my boys.

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Each Life that Touches Ours for Good said...

Jenna... you are such a cute mom... guess what? The paychecks just keep coming. Looking forward to spending time with your mom at Adam and Lauren's wedding this weekend. Take care!